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When it comes to Website design, hosting and maintenance, you can trust Beacon Waves 20+ years of experience!

Our custom created web designs are meant for those who are serious about increasing their bottom line.

We create Websites that are easy to understand and functional. Isn't functionality what it's all about? You can have a flashy website but if it isn't producing sales and increasing your bottom line then what is the point?

Here at Beacon Waves, we believe that today's customers are Internet savvy. They know what they want and how to find it. Our goal is to provide you a website that brings you SALES. As you already know, savvy customers do NOT want to needlessly search a website when they know what they want.

When a customer is in the purchasing frame of mind, they want to quickly locate and BUY the item. It is all about the customer, right? Together we can serve up what the customer wants.

Since the survivability of a business is all about sales, we believe that if you grow, we grow. Isn't that what you would expect from your web expert? And, we deliver functionality at a reasonable price!

C'mon, Just Give Us a CALL

And, Remember, Consultations are always FREE!

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